Health Coach Phoenix
Integrative health coach Pamela Wake implements effective, sustainable wellness processes.


Coaching addresses all aspects of your health, using an eastern holistic philosophy of identifying the connection between our emotional and physical well-being.  Pain, stress, energy, productivity are common blocks to leading the life we want.  Implementing effective, sustainable wellness processes that help you reach your personal goals is key.  

Health coaching for stress, self-care practices, meditation, AMT Method


Managing your stress, lifestyle and decisions regarding your health is one of the most important aspects of living a happy, productive life.  As a Self-Care Educator and Health Coach, giving individuals the tools to take action in these areas is my top priority.  You can take actions every day to change how you feel and I will walk you through the process.

Health coach using Chinese Medicine, herbs, natural remedies and nutrition


Herbal and diet therapy is one of the most effective ways to support and protect your health. Utilizing natural remedies and nutritional plans to complement your health program provides a potent way to successfully keep you healthy and happy.  Each plan is individualized based on your lifestyle and your specific health needs.

Moving energy every day provides an important component in maintaining health


Physical movement is an important component in maintaining health. Stretching, strengthening and moving energy or our Qi on a regular basis keeps all of the systems of your body functioning optimally.  Expanding our understanding around how energy moves through the body greatly changes our mindset.

True health is not just our physical state

It is the connection between what we do, say and think everyday.  There is no separation between the mind, body and spirit.  Each area must be attended to in order to achieve optimal wellbeing.


Phoenix Health Coach integrates eastern and western medicine for optimal well being.

Kathy C.


Pam has helped me find relief from hand, neck and foot pain and patiently listens to all my other physical and emotional challenges.

Alleviate pain naturally through Health Coaching from pain expert Pamela Wake

Jolene B.


I am back to running and hiking and have stopped taking ibuprofen. Pam is knowledgeable, patient and most of all very skilled.

Health coach Pamela Wake helps you relax and reduce pain.

Debra M.

Yoga Enthusiast

I was truly amazed in the pain reduction I experienced with my back and how relaxed I feel.  You really have changed my life!

Health coaching for stress, insomnia and anxiety

Megan A.

Happy Mom

  I was experiencing a lot of stress around getting pregnant and Pam's really helped me to relax.   I am happy to report that I now have twin boys!  

Health coaching focused on holistic health and integrative care.

Marisa F.

Stress Reduction

 I feel so much healthier and stronger since working with Pam. I rarely get sick and feel so much more healthier and relaxed.