Histamine Foods Could Be Making You Miserable!

Congested? Nasal drip? Headaches? Fatigue? All of these are common symptoms related to allergies to dust, flowers, plants and other environmental factors. Big did you know that the food you eat may be causing you to have a prolonged Histamine Response, exacerbating these symptoms and causing additional symptoms such as bloating, insomnia and arrhythmias?

If you are experiencing endless allergy symptoms you may be stuck in a histamine response activated by foods that you eat:

· Citrus fruits, nuts, avocados, tomatoes, spinach and strawberries (yes, strawberries!) are some common Histamine-rich food favorites that can keep the nasal drip, fatigue and headaches activated indefinitely if you are sensitive.

The enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO). DAO is responsible for breaking down histamine that are in the food you eat. If you develop a DAO deficiency and are unable to break down histamine, you could develop an intolerance.

Reasons your DAO enzyme levels could be affected include:

· Medications that block DAO functions

· Leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease

· Histamine-rich foods

· Foods that block DAO enzymes or trigger histamine release

· Bacterial overgrowth

Foods That Contribute to The Release of Histamine include:

· Alcohol

· Bananas

· Chocolate

· Papaya, pineapple

· Green and black tea

· Shellfish

You will know you have a sensitivity if you sneeze while eating, feel bloated or flushed,

fatigued and/or become congested during a meal. Fermented alcoholic beverages and foods, vinegar containing foods, dried fruits and cured meats can contain Histamine activating compounds. Evolution Acupuncture can help you navigate how to manage your symptoms and determine what foods may be contributing to your daily discomfort.

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