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The quality of your health is largely determined by the strength of your immune system.  As we go into the heat of the summer and all that comes with it, we have to make sure that we remain focused on nurturing our health.

What Goes Into Maintaining Our Immune Health:

  • Diet/nutrition

  • Managing stress

  • Sleep

  • Exercise/movement/stretching

  • Receiving support

The summer season is filled with abundant energy, long days and sunshine.  This is the most Yang time of year and is all about expansion, growth, activity and creativity..

Element: Fire. 

Color: Red. 

Nature: Yang. 

Organs: Heart, Small Intestine. 

Emotion: Joy.  

During the summer season our body undergoes vigorous metabolic processes. There is a tendency to burn out and suffer from exhaustion.  Especially in Arizona! 

Some foods you may want to incorporate into your diet to replenish your Yang energy and boost your immune system:

  • Citrus foods -- packed with Vitamin C

  • Ginger and Tumeric -- anti-inflammatory, pain reducers, Yang movers

  • Melons -- replenish water and electrolytes

  • Shellfish -- high in zinc

  • Blueberries -- the super berry, high in antioxidants and flavonoidsGarlic -- a year round immune booster

  • Spinach -- high in Vitamin C, E and Carotenoids

Evolution Acupuncture Has Partnered With FullScript to Bring You The Highest Quality Nutritional Supplements The truth is we can't always get we need from the food we eat.  If we are dealing with a health issue, assimilation can be poor and our immune system is compromised.  Taking preventative measures to avoid illness during these stressful times is something I have found beneficial in maintaining my level of activity and health.  I have created categories based on the common areas of need seen in my practice -- pain, stress, inflammation, immune and digestive support, allergy relief, and sleep.

How to Get Started:

All of the recommended products are free of fillers and irritants to the digestive system.  I am extremely diligent  vetting the products that I recommend to my clients and am pleased to invite you to explore the same supplements I use to maintain my immune system and health.  

As you navigate the idea of immune health, I invite you to assess where you may be lacking in this area, come to me for support and most of all, be kind to yourself!

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