Treating Smart Phone Thumb and Other Hand Issues With Acupuncture and Gua Sha

I focus a lot of time on teaching people how to work on their hands in my Gua Sha Workshops. Why?

  1. 1/3 of ER injuries are in the upper extremities

  2. Hand and wrist problems are the most disabling work injuries

  3. 1/4 quarter of athletic injuries are in the hand and wrist

  4. There are 34 muscles that move just the fingers and the thumb..

  5. 9 muscles are responsible for the functioning of the thumb

  6. There are 29 bones and 29 joints in the hand

  7. 123 ligaments

  8. 48 nerves

  9. When you work on the palm of the hand you are calming the central nervous system

The muscles, bones and ligaments of the hands usually (except for maybe with Acupuncture) get very little attention. So one of the primary areas of the body that I focus on when I teach my Gua Sha workshops to clients, organizations, medical and dental offices, etc. is working on the hands. We are constantly using our hands from the moment we wake up, brushing our teeth, making coffee, using our cell phone. All of these fine minor movements, lifting, twisting, holding, moving, touching going on without much conscious thought. To take a Gua Sha Tool and work along every aspect of the fingers, thumb , hand and wrist is just magical. It calms your mind and because the palm of the hand is like the bottom of the foot in the way it mirrors the internal workings of the body, you are putting direct focus into moving energy and helping your body function optimally. The Acupuncture channels that start on the fingers of the hand run up the arm and shoulder to your chest, neck and head, so as you work on the hand, you are also opening up all these areas to more circulation of energy, creating more mobility and function..

To learn more about the workshops I offer, visit Gua Sha Guru..

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