Experience a transformational full-body acupuncture treatment in a spa-like environment. Enjoy a 60-minute or 90-minute session which induces a state of pure relaxation and peace. Treatments include a heated table, mineral heat lamp, essential oils, and guasha, cupping, or electrical stimulation, as needed.

Initial Session | 90-minutes   $135

(Initial session includes a comprehensive health history review and full body treatment.)

Follow-Up Sessions | 60-Minutes   $90 | 90-minutes   $125

Depending on the level of health, a number of follow-up sessions will be recommended as part of your progress plan. Once a concensus is agreed on the state of your health, monthly maintenance sessions are highly recommended and extremely important to maintain your health.  Many of my clients book treatments 1-2 times a month enjoying the continuous benefits to their health and well-being.


60-Minutes   $90 | 90-minutes   $125

Gua Sha is another energy medicine that follows the philosophy and meridians of Acupuncture, but without the needles.  It release pain and inflammation from the muscles and body throught the surface and increases ciruclation and energy throughout the body.  It is a powerful modality that can become a self-care practice to use on your own at home.  Personal one-on-one training is available in the 90-minute session and group training is also available through Gua Sha Guru workshops.


Fertility patients are provided the same comprehensive mind/body/spirit acupuncture treatment with a focus on strengthening the reproductive system, immune system, and reducing stress so that the body is functioning at the highest level of health to conceive.  Diet and herbs as well as lifestyle modifications may be recommended.  

Initial Session | 90-minutes   $135

(Initial session includes a comprehensive health history review and full body treatment.)

Follow-Up Sessions | 60-minutes   $90   90-minutes |  $125


I provide individual and group detox sessions that assist individuals at all levels of recovery in craving cessation, relief from anxiety, stress, and pain, better focus and clarity to achieve the best results in a recovery program.  This can be facilitated in an outpatient setting, a wellness center, a behavioral health counseling office or in an individual treatment.  

Session Options | Group - 60 Minutes  $120 

Individual - 60 minutes   $75


Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a new perspective on how the body works, how our emotions and lifestyle impact our health and ways you can use whole foods and herbs to create more vitality and a stronger immune system. Evolution Acupuncture uses clinical nutrition assessments to determine the root cause for nutritional deficiencies and provides customized diet protocols to repair the digestive system and quality of your daily activities.  Supplements and herbs, as well as lab tests and acupuncture may be included in the protocol. Coaching can be used via email, phone or a teleconference system such as Zoom. 

Coaching Session | 30-Minutes   $50 | 60-Minutes   $90


I am commited to being as flexible as possible with my clients, realizing you have a busy schedule, as do I. In order to allow other clients to access my services, and to be considerate of my time, I require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  I will certainly understand a family emergency or unforeseeable event. However, clients who regularly cancel without notice will be required to pay for sessions they cancel.


I am a credentialed health provider in the state of Arizona.  Many plans do offer acupuncture as a benefit; however, I will need to verify coverage with your health insurance prior to your appointment.  I will need a copy of the front of your insurance card and date of birth to retrieve and review the terms of your coverage. Your plan may require that you satisfy your deductible before benefits are available.  Your sessions with me will go towards satisfying that deductible.  If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, payment will be made to you.  In this case, you will sign the check over to me.  I reserve the right to refuse to accept insurance plans that don't adequately compensate me for my time and expertise.

Check out our new course on Teachable.com, a self-care instructional program designed to relieve pain, increase your energy and vitality using a regular daily practice, or book a hands-on workshop at Gua Sha Guru.