Keeping your immune system and health strong is more important than ever. Using herbs, homeopathy and nutrition, we can strengthen your body and defend it against illness.  Our telehealth sessions address all aspects of your health and provide you with valuable self-care practices to maintain your health:

  • Stress Management - stress is the #1 source of physical and mental health challenges.  Having the tools to manage your stress is vital to your well-being.

  • Supplemental Therapy - natural and proven effective herbs and supplements designed to target the specific area of need, support immune health and resolve common symptoms.

  • Nutrition - food is truly medicine.  Determining the right nutritional needs for your health can make a huge difference in how you feel and keep you healthy long-term.

  • Exercise - Finding ways to exercise can be a challenge.  There are many ways to move energy and use the muscles, and as a result, reduce pain and tightness.


Our food sources do not provide us with the vitamins and antioxidants that we need to stay healthy and fend off illness.  Our ancestors relied heavily on food and herbs from the earth to thrive and to treat illness and injury.  Using herbal and supplemental therapies is important today to provide our bodies with everything it needs to function optimally. 

  • Herbal therapy is one of the most effective ways to support and protect your health.  My training in Chinese Medicine and over a decade of additional training, researching and working with clients and seeing how effectively specific herbs facilitate healing validates the saying "Food is Medicine".  Simple additions can alleviate stress, and help with sleep, digestion and mental and physical energy.

  • Utilizing nutritional supplements to complement your health program provides a potent way to successfully protect the quality of your life.  My experience with high grade anti-oxidants, minerals and other neutraceuticals has shown tremendous value in preventing illness and healing common health issues.

  • Homeopathy, like Chinese Medicine, has been around for centuries.  It operates on a “like cures like” principle, which means that someone suffering from symptoms can be treated by micro-doses of a substance capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person. These micro-doses stimulate the body’s physiological reactions that restore health, with a very low risk of side effects.  


Stress and pain will diminish the quality of your health faster than just about anything else.  Have tools to alleviate pain and inflammation, tightness of the joints, poor mobility or recovery from an injury or illness, anxiety, lack of focus, poor mental and physical energy, is vital to living a happy and healthy life.  Creating daily rituals of self-care are key and I can help you achieve this!  Visit the AMT Method page for more information.


Moving our bodies in some way on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining health.  Whether it's taking a walk, stretching, working with weights or employing self-care practices like Gua Sha, the movement of energy is an integral part of the inner workings of our body. Energy is always circulating in us and around us and when it stagnates, we experience fatigue, pain and illness.  I will provide you with pain-relieving exercises, stretching and energy moving practices that will help you feel more energized mental and physically, reduce stress and anxiety and relieve tightness and pain in your muscles and joints.


Initial 90-Minute Session - $90, Includes comprehensive health review, assessments and recommendations

Follow-up Session - 60-Minute, $60; 90-Minute, $90

Veterans/Seniors:  Sliding scale

NOTE:  We are currently providing services via Telehealth only (Zoom, Facetime or phone call)


I am commited to being as flexible as possible with my clients, realizing you have a busy schedule, as do I. In order to allow other clients to access my services, and to be considerate of my time, I require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  I will certainly understand a family emergency or unforeseeable event. However, clients who regularly cancel without notice will be required to pay for sessions they cancel.


I am a credentialed health provider in the state of Arizona.  Many plans do offer acupuncture as a benefit; however, I will need to verify coverage with your health insurance prior to your appointment.  I will need a copy of the front of your insurance card and date of birth to retrieve and review the terms of your coverage. Your plan may require that you satisfy your deductible before benefits are available.  Your sessions with me will go towards satisfying that deductible.  If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, payment will be made to you.  In this case, you will sign the check over to me.  I reserve the right to refuse to accept insurance plans that don't adequately compensate me for my time and expertise.



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