Acupuncture testimonial



"After the first acupuncture treatment, the stiffness was GONE and the pain reduced by 70%."

I booked an appointment with Pam with, quite frankly, low expectations. I had been struggling to heal an inflamed bursa in my knee (bursitis) for almost a year with no improvement; in fact, it was steadily getting worse. I also had pain and stiffness in my hip, which seemed to be related.  The next step with my MD was steroid shots, but I thought I would try acupuncture first. After the first acupuncture treatment, the stiffness was GONE and the pain reduced by 70%.  After the second treatment, 90% gone, and after the third, no pain or stiffness at all.  My hip is also greatly improved and is on the way to healing.  I am back to running and hiking with no residual effects and have stopped taking ibuprofen. Pam is knowledgeable, patient and most of all VERY skilled and I am happy to recommend her!


Jolene Baney    

Phoenix, AZ

"She is now providing me fertility treatments!"

I have been going to Pam for over a year. She first helped me with back pain and now providing me fertility treatments!

Erin Doherty

Glendale, AZ

"I would highly recommend Pam's expertise and golden touch..."

I had been suffering with bilateral carpal tunnel issues for a year (I am a dentist so this was a serious threat to my livelihood). Also I had suffered with plantar fasciitis on both feet for many years. Pam has provided me relief from both problems and patiently listens to all my other aches and pains.  I would highly recommend Pam's expertise and golden touch to help with any problem areas. 


Kathy Conderato

Cave Creek, AZ

"I was able to stop all medications related to my anxiety."

I've been seeing Pam for acupuncture since about February 2015. When I originally sought her out, I was desperate to get my anxiety under control. I was having headaches and also neck and back pain. Pam was able to help stabilize my anxiety completely during her sessions, enough so that I was even able to stop all medications related to my anxiety. 


My neck and back pain also have improved tremendously and I don't struggle with headaches like I used too. I highly recommend Pam and her services. She truly is an amazing practitioner.

April Kelly

Glendale, AZ

"...the pain in the sacrum area was completely gone."

Before I came to Pam for acupuncture treatments, I was experiencing much pain deep in my lower back (sacrum) area. This pain had been causing discomfort for two years, and to treat it, I went for chiropractic adjustments and many, many deep tissue massage therapy sessions.

After my initial 90-minute acupuncture session with Pam, the pain in the sacrum area was completely gone.  I was simply amazed by this!  Follow up visits are important, and I truly feel these sessions are so therapeutic and very relaxing. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your practice.  You really have changed my life!

Debbie McShane

Cave Creek, AZ

"I will be able to avoid gallbladder removal. Pam is amazing!"

I went in to resolve my gallstone issues and am very happy with the results. I found relief after my first session. The difference is incredible! I am confident that I will be able to avoid gallbladder removal.  Amazing experience!

Karie Tilini

San Tan Valley, AZ

"I am very grateful to have been recommended to see Pam..." 

I am very grateful to have been recommended to see Pam at Evolution Acupuncture. Pam is a calming and healing person and does such a thorough job in treating my issues. my aches and pains have improved and I am on to maintenance.

Lisa Mead

Phoenix, AZ

"I have more energy and am losing weight." 

I enjoy everything about being treated by Pam at Evolution Acupuncture. The environment is lovely and inviting, allowing me to completely relax. Pam's calm, nurturing demeanor puts me right at ease. Best of all, I feel so much better! My headaches have significantly decreased, I have more energy and am losing weight. Highly recommended!

Lezli Goodwin

Phoenix, AZ

"I would highly recommend Evolution Acupuncture!!!"

I have been going to Pam for over a year consistently for routine maintenance and some acute muscle issues in my back and calf. Each session I leave refreshed and feeling amazing. Pam is unbelievably thorough and genuinely cares about the well being of her clients. I would highly recommend Evolution Acupuncture!!!

Russ Hendrickson

Scottsdale, AZ

"I feel so much healthier and stronger..."

I went to Evolution Acupuncture for a swollen ankle, but ended up getting so much more out of it! I feel so much healthier and stronger since going to Pam. It is truly one of the most relaxing experiences that I look forward to. Thank you Pam for all your help.

Marisa Friedman

Scottsdale, AZ

"The inflammation decreased dramatically..."

I went to Pam for an inflamed Achilles tendon. The inflammation decreased dramatically just after a few visits. I continued treatment for 8 weeks to help continue the healing and restore balance. I loved that Pam does a full body treatment and not just treat the affected area. The ACU sessions were very relaxing. I also loved that Pam does take insurance.

Barbara Dean

Anthem, AZ

"I get so deeply relaxed, my mind goes quiet, I feel at peace..."

I've been getting acupuncture off and on for about 15 years. I am so glad that a dear friend recommended that I try her services. I've been doing that now for more than two months and I am so pleased with the results. She has taken time to get to know what  I'm dealing with and what I need and has taken so much care to give me the healing treatments I need.

I get so deeply relaxed, my mind goes quiet, I feel at peace---the very things I need to unwind and heal. I look forward to my weekly sessions with her because they consistently put me in this wonderful zone of tranquility that I've been searching for.

I highly recommend Pamela Wake's services for anyone dealing with stress, pain, tight muscles, anxiety, headaches, cancer, or any other physical or emotional dis-ease. I'm so glad I made the time in my schedule to work with her.


Rachel Albert

Phoenix, AZ

"Go see Pamela - you won't be disappointed!

If you are looking for an Acupuncturist in the North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Cave Creek area, you should definitely go see Pamela Wake.   I was referred to Pamela by my Chiropractor, and have been seeing her for several months for a variety of issues.  Pamela is super - very knowledgeable, caring and gentle.   She is so easy to talk to, and really works to understand the problem and provide individualized treatment.  Did I mention gentle?  My husband saw her last week and was thrilled that it did not hurt at all!

Bottom line - go see Pamela - you won't be disappointed!


Lucy Livermore

Cave Creek, AZ